Use Cases

Use Cases

The Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database can help you whether you are part of the defense industry searching for the latest solutions or a corporation looking to grow market share. This powerful database allows you to quickly retrieve data on unmanned platforms and their associated specifications, payloads, subsystems, etc.

Here are some of the ways our customers are using the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database:

  • Agriculture, the oil and gas industries, even University robotics programs explore existing platforms leading to innovation
  • Law enforcement and first responders determine available platforms that meet their application requirements without going through the costly RFP process
  • Manufacturers stay informed of any new product releases, competitor platforms and emerging prototypes. Information is added to the Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database daily so you can be sure you are always kept up-to-date
  • New business partners, potential customers, or acquisition interests are visible to payload developers, startups, and larger manufacturers interested in expanding their product offerings
  • Operators looking for market-ready products find the best systems to fit their application requirements through advanced search functions
  • Researchers, educators and analysts assess past, current, emerging and future capabilities of unmanned systems. The Unmanned Systems and Robotics Database offers unrivaled potential to develop comprehensive market studies
  • Others working in manned or unmanned flight could search for market-ready products that meet size and performance requirements

Getting started in the unmanned systems and robotics market?

Research products already on the market and determine ways to develop innovative competitive advantages.

Locate customers and partners that could integrate your technology.

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