Database Features


Since 2010, the AUVSI research team has been collecting information on every robotic platform we could find. This has culminated in a huge database of platforms from around the world. To achieve this, information has been captured from:

  • More than 100 conferences attended worldwide
  • Over seven man years worth of web searches from several search engines and more than 10 languages

All information collected is from open sources. Each platform and company is evaluated by researchers for specific traits:

  • Platform Applications – applications where the product may be used (imaging, search and rescue, etc.)
  • Platform Markets (Commercial, Civil, Military, etc.) – markets for which the platform is either being promoted by the company or being applied by a user
  • Platform Status – flagged active if the platform is either currently being marketed by the company or has been noted in use by public sources in the last 12 months
  • Company Status – flagged active if the company is actively in operation

Detailed information is available for each platform based on publicly available specifications released by the manufacturer:

  • Platform Size – the full range of parameters (length, width, height, diameter, wing span, weight, payload, etc.)*
  • Platform Performance – the full range of parameters (endurance, max/cruise speeds, range, etc.)*
  • Subsystem Descriptions – all detailed descriptions of integrated subsystems (navigation, communication, payloads, etc.) are captured and provided for each platform

*all units are normalized and converted into both metric and imperial values

Searchable Database

All of this information was put into a searchable SQL database with a simple, clean web page interface. Search parameters range from the size and performance values to normalized search variables such as application, energy source, airframe, etc. Search results can be viewed in the web-based interface or exported to Excel/PDF files. This database is connected to AUVSI’s main site to allow for a single sign on for all AUVSI activities.

Continued Value

To ensure the most up-to-date information possible, AUVSI staff:

  • Attends more than 30 conferences per year
  • Searches through multiple web alerts per day
  • Regularly checks company websites for new product information
  • Regularly checks existing platforms and companies to ensure all data is current

New information is added directly to the database daily and is searchable by subscribers. Regular email updates are sent to subscribers highlighting new information.

Are you interested in receiving a demo of the USRD or have questions? Please contact David Klein, Research Analyst, at